Shelby's Artwork
Shelby’s Artwork

Projects have been slow for my graphic designer (Shelby). Her tasks generally include things like creating or modifying logos, creating icons for mobile apps and other tasks as needed. It has been a while since I had a fun project to put her on recently.

She and I started talking about my need for some new artwork for my office. I recently moved to a new office and wanted to decorate it a little differently than the old one. We discussed a couple of ideas and she went off to work on a design. The photo of the painting above is what she created. I was amazed at how closely it was to the photo on the internet she found as a reference. I believe she has real talent and she seems to really enjoy these type of projects.

This painting has been framed and is now in my office.Shelby Art Framed

She has promised more in the future. I look forward to my new artwork for the office.

Scott E