Social Media In part 4 of this blog series, I will discuss the mistake candidates make by not utilizing hashtags in posts and the mistake of posting updates at non-optimal hours.

Hashtags – The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. There are many useful hashtags candidates can use to expand their outreach to potential followers. There are generic hashtags for politics in Maryland like #mdpolitics. You can get more specific on local areas using hashtags like #hocomd or #columbiamd. You can use them when posting about specific topics like #obamacare or #rasiethewage. There are hundreds of good hashtags to help extend your message to potential voters. Do the research on the ones that will best help your campaign. Here are a few examples to help get you started:

#MDPolitics Hashtag
#MDPolitics Hashtag

Timing of posts – I always find it funny seeing posts from campaign Twitter accounts at odd hours. I am not sure who they think is reading their posts at 2:00am on a Wednesday or 5:00am on Sunday. Obviously I see it from time to time but you just have to wonder how many people they might have reached with that post if they had just waited until the optimal posting times. Here is a little helpful graph for Twitter click throughs:

Twitter Click-Throughs

Make sure to get the update out when people are using social media or the update could get lost in the sea of other updates on a followers timeline.

Well that concludes my advice in this 4 part series. Hope someone gets something out of it. There is more than enough time to get the most from your campaign accounts before these dates:

Election Dates

Primary Election – June 24, 2014

General Election – November 4, 2014

Good luck to all of the candidates.

Scott E