Linking Facebook to Twitter In part 3 of this blog series, I will discuss the mistake candidates make by linking their Facebook accounts to Twitter.

(* Note – As in the previous posts, I will show examples in this four part series to provide context to the topics. I do not do this to embarrass any candidate or to show allegiance to any particular party in Maryland and will do my best to be fair and equal in my examples).

At first glance one would think that linking a Facebook page to a campaign Twitter account would be a great thing to do. One post that will update to the various followers on each social media platform. All I can say is wrong, wrong, wrong…and one more time for emphasis…WRONG! Lets take a look at a few examples of why this is a bad idea:

Sid Saab is running for State Delegate in Maryland.

Sid Saab

Worst Fiscal Condition Is what? It does not say…just that annoying link back to Facebook. What if I am not on Facebook or don’t really want to hop around between social media accounts. Guess I will just ignore it.

Guy Guzzone is running for State Senate in Maryland.

Guy Guzzone

These are the worst. Nothing there…just that silly looking Facebook link. Why in the world would I ever click on that from my Twitter account? Just FYI…he was trying to share a photo from another page and that is why it looks like this on Twitter.

Last but not least…

Brian S. Baily running for State Delegate in Maryland.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 6.57.06 AM

Congrats to you for posting a photo on Facebook. Wouldn’t you think it a good idea also to post that photo on Twitter as opposed to just telling us about it with the silly link? You would significantly increase the number of people looking at the photo with an actual photo on Twitter.

The point of my comments is that linking the accounts together really doesn’t work. There are other tools (HootSuite to name just one) that are more effective and has a much better optic for your followers for the one post method to multiple social media accounts. It is also not difficult nor very time consuming to copy and paste posts from one account to another. Trust me it does make a difference.

Coming soon – Part 4 – Hashtags and Timing of Posts

Scott E


  1. Note – I removed an example after one the candidates staff assured me that they were no longer linking their accounts going forward. I had no problem updating as there is a near endless supply of other campaigns making this mistake. As other candidates correct the mistakes, I will be happy to replace their example with another candidate.

  2. OK…happy to announce another candidate/campaign has changed their ways and as such we have removed their example. It is great that some candidates are correcting this error.

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