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I hope everyone had an excellent holiday season and a wonderful beginning to the new year.

I thought I would start 2014 off by creating a blog posting for interests of ScottE Software. While most of these will be technology related, I will also mention sports, politics and a variety of other topics of interest specifically related to life in Maryland. My hope is that some people find these of interest and follow the posts going forward.

In 2013 ScottE Software shifted its direction from primarily a mobile app development provider to providing a variety of technology related services for small businesses in central Maryland. We helped one company rebuild and launch a new website and have been pitching other services to other potential clients. Our social media experience is a key service that is a primary focus in early 2014. We have many other ideas that are being kicked around and I am hoping for some big announcements this next year to continue our growth.

Check back from time to time for more updates in the future.

Scott E