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Long Reach High School Homecoming Game – Tonight

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Long Reach Homecoming

Today is the big day…Long Reach High School will play their homecoming football game against River Hill High School. Long Reach and River Hill are both 2-3 on the season right now.

It has been Spirit Week at Long Reach and there are some great photos on the Long Reach Boosters Club Facebook page.

Click to see more photos
Click to see more photos

Good luck tonight Lightning. We will be cheering for you.

Scott E

HCPSS Technology Problems

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Did you see the the Baltimore Sun article: “Howard County school system rushed rollout of new software, teachers say“?  As a parent of a child in High School in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS), this is very concerning to me. I have talked with my child numerous times about the new systems and I can tell you that she misses the old system from last year (and she really did not like that one much). Apparently Canvas and Synergy are a mess and the implementation has not gone as planned.

There are two items in the Baltimore Sun article that I wanted to note in this post:

  1. “Students gained access to the system during the second week of school in early September, and Bassett said that parents will probably gain access later this fall.” – Seriously? Luckily my child and I have been reviewing the system together but the statement is just ridiculous. We as parents are asked regularly to review the online systems for updates on our children’s progress and for this not to be ready day 1 of school year is a big miss by the administration.
  2. “Right now, our biggest concern is teaching teachers and staff how to use the program,” said Cosentino (HCAA president and the principal of Clemens Crossing Elementary School). “The challenge is you have digital immigrants who have done things a certain way for a long time, and then there are people for whom this is natural. There is a wide variety of people and we have to make sure we support that.” – WOW!!! Is it not the responsibility of the administration to train the staff and hold them accountable to the systems implemented? I guess when the system is rushed out and proper training does not happen you can’t hold anyone accountable and so we end up with a mess. Also – “Digital Immigrants” seems a harsh term to use and to be honest I am a bit shocked that this is an acceptable term for a leader to use.

So in summary…poor implementation and lack of training has us in the situation we are in today. I seriously hope that this gets resolved VERY soon. Maybe those staff working 18 hours a day will get all of the kinks out of the system soon…just curious once the system problems are resolved, how the administration plans to correct the lack of proper training for the staff and teachers. This will be key in providing students and parents with accurate and up to date information (kind of the whole point of these systems).

Scott E

Howard County Police Department and Social Media

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So, on Wednesday afternoon a section of Oakland Mills Road (in Columbia, MD) was shut down by the Howard County Police. The section shutdown (best I could tell) was between Berger Road and Procopio Circle (See photo).

Oakloand Mills Shutdown

As this is VERY near my neighborhood, I was obviously interested in finding out what was going on. I first looked at Facebook at Twitter and did not see anything mentioning this area. My next step was to reach out to the Howard County Police Department on the off chance that they would give me an update. My tweet:

My tweet to HCPD

I was pleasantly surprised that I got a response that told me what was happening…

Tweet reply from HCPD

Not thrilled having “suspicious” packages in my area but glad it turned out to be not a threat. I was very happy that they responded I made sure to thank them for their response:

My thank you tweet

For all of those reading…this is the way social media engagement is supposed to work for all companies, businesses and agencies. I am thankful for having our county police department being active and engaging to our community on social media.

You can follow HCPD updates on Twitter: or on Facebook:

It is Friday and the Ravens won last night…the weather could be better today but all in all it should be a great day.

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Columbia Association Personal Trainer – Christine Potenzone

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Christine Potenzone - Certified Personal Trainer
Christine Potenzone – Certified Personal Trainer

Christine Potenzone is a Certified Personal Trainer at Columbia Association


“I enjoy working with all ages to improve overall quality of life and to help overcome any injury. After overcoming injuries and working in several Physical Therapy clinics, I have experience working with individuals with limitations. I also have a passion for working with children to create fun new ways to keep them active and educate them on the benefits of fitness. Being able to work with all populations and fitness levels, I can create a personalized exercise program to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance while working to prevent or heal any injury. Whether you are a youth, senior, long time athlete, just starting out, or somewhere in between, I have the tools to help you meet your goals!”


Follow updates from Christine on Facebook and Twitter.

Her most recent social media post:


“Come join me at the Rock Your Jeans Kick-Off, this Saturday at the Supreme Sports Club!!
If you have not yet signed up there is still time!”

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New Book from Dan Bongino – The Fight

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Bongino - The Fight

Dan Bongino has a new book coming out in January 2016 (The Fight). It is available for preorder on Amazon today here: Dan’s previous book (Life Inside the Bubble) was a hit and received 3.9 stars (out of 5 possible) on Amazon reviews.

Learn more about the upcoming book:

The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine

What events led a veteran Secret Service agent at the top of his profession, with no political experience, to resign his position and run for office, nearly pulling off the unlikeliest of upsets as a Republican in a deep-blue state? More importantly, what insight on issues from national and personal security to big politics can be gleaned from his successes as a Secret Service agent and failures in politics? As a former member of the elite Presidential Protection Division who served three Presidents, bestselling author Dan Bongino is uniquely qualified to provide a view from behind the curtain to warn readers about the political system that is failing them, and the security future that won’t protect them.

The majority of Americans only come into contact with security when they fly or enter their workplace. They are rarely able to become acquainted with the politicians they know from robo-calls and TV ads. Bongino has experienced the inner-workings of the national security apparatus and the failed political theater that we all feel but rarely understand. Using a mix of current events, an insider’s analysis, and tales from his time protecting the president, he shows where clear and foreseeable leadership failures from our current administration led to grave consequences. From a broken political process to a president who consistently misreads the American people, he shows us where America has gone wrong and how we can fight back.

I look forward to reading the book in the new year.

Scott E

New Website From Cloud Nine Productions

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Cloud Nine Productions

Cloud Nine Productions launched a new website this weekend. They are a local videography production service company in Howard County Maryland. If you are looking for video recording and production for your wedding, sporting event, corporate video and more…be sure to give them a look. It is always wonderful to support local small businesses.

You can visit Cloud Nine Productions at:

Cloud Nine Productions

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Taylor Legal

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Big City Know-How and Small Town Service™


“Taylor Legal™ has provided Big City Know-How and Small Town Service™ to individuals and small businesses since 2004. The firm concentrates its practice in real estate, land use and zoning, small business and corporate law, alcoholic beverage licensing, contract drafting and review, state and local government law, and property succession planning for businesses and individuals. Taylor Legal™ is owned by Katherine L. Taylor, Esq., whose experiences as a county attorney and large-firm litigator allow her to zealously and effectively advocate for her clients.”

Visit Taylor Legal online at:

, , LinkedIn, & on their Blog

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