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Weekend of Dog Tricks and the Zen Method of Dog Training

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Tricks Workshop : Saturday November 14th, 9:00am – 4:30pm – $295 ($150 to audit)
Zen Method of Dog Training : Sunday November 15th 9:00am – 12:00pm – $125
Both Days: $350

REGISTER EARLY…seats are limited.

Call Club Pooche at 410-868-2275 to register


Babette Haggerty, IACP & CDT, is a fourth generation dog fancier and second generation trainer, was raised in a training kennel during the week and at dog shows on the weekends. Her dad, the late Captain Haggerty, began the trick revolution in the 70’s with the perennial best seller, Dog Tricks, which is still available today.

Babette brings a lifetime of training experience that is untouchable. She has trained and handled dogs who have appeared in movies such as 7 Psychopaths and soap operas such as One Life to Live, All My Children and the Guiding Light. She has also trained and handled dogs who have performed in commercials for MasterCard, AT&T, Black and Decker and Bounty Paper Towels. Her client list includes: Jack Nicklaus, Seth Meyers, Curt Gowdy, Jimmy Buffett, Natalie Morales, Senator Lautenberg and a few others who have sworn her to secrecy.

Babette possesses a wealth of knowledge, currently set out in three books including her latest, The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet. She has appeared on Fox, Good Day NY, The Today Show as well as on countless radio broadcasts and newspapers. Babette is also co-host of Good Dogs! on the Radio Pet Lady network where she brings her lifetime of training to the masses.

Join Babette for a seminar that will help to make you a better trainer while building a better relationship between you and your dog. As a working seminar, you will be working your dog, with Babette right along side you, to help you to perfect all of your handling and training skills.

In this course you will learn :
How to teach nearly 20 tricks
Why it is all in the presentation (After all, this is training for Hollywood)
How to motivate your dog
How to train with and without treats
How to using all five senses, Plus One
How to get your pet into show business


There is so much emphasis on pack behavior these days, have we forgotten how to become one with our dogs? After all, when was the last time you trained an owner with a pack of dogs? Have you ever thought about the yin and yang of the dog-human relationship? Have you ever considered how your ego affects your dog training?

The Zen Method of Dog Training evolved and was developed over 40 years by dog training pioneer Captain Haggerty. No matter your methods, tools or techniques, this seminar will teach you a softer, easier, and more efficient approach to training dogs and their people; It will teach you how to help owners become one with their dog!

Babette Haggerty was four years old when she started helping her mom with their show Chihuahuas and Yorkies, feeding and cleaning up after them…She moved to the big leagues when, by age ten, she began assisting with dog handling and training on movie and television sets. In 1989 she started what became the most prestigious dog training school in Palm Beach, Florida, and in the 90’s she started teaching classes using the Zen Method. She found that, using the Zen Method of Dog Training, her graduation and retention rates increased substantially, and she was able to communicate more to her students in less time. She now owns a canine lifestyle center in Bergen County, New Jersey. Her client list includes: Seth Myers, Jimmy Buffett, Jack Nicklaus and many other politicians and celebrities who prefer to remain anonymous.


Latest ScottE Software Commercial

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The latest video for ScottE Software is now online. This one promotes our PC Repair services for small businesses in Howard County. Know a small business that needs technical support? Have them contact me at

More promotional videos are coming soon.



Last Day To Vote – Best Of Howard County

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Best of Howard County

Today is your last chance to get your vote(s) in for Best Of Howard County 2015. Don’t forget question #51 “Best Computer Repair” – not sure who to write in? Consider writing in ScottE Software Development.

Want some other recommendations? CLICK HERE

Best of Howard County 2015

Vote for Howard County’s best businesses, organizations and community leaders in Howard Magazine’s readers’ choice awards.

Last year’s winners and honorable mentions are pre-entered in each category, but there’s a write-in option, too. To vote for a candidate not listed in the category, select “Write-in” and type the name of your favorite. New categories are write-in only.

You can vote for as many or as few categories as you’d like, but you can only vote once. Choose wisely!

Look for results in the December issue of Howard Magazine.

Click here to read the official rules.


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MD08 Poll Results

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(Photo taken from Facebook)
(Photo taken from Facebook)

After a week of voting the results are in…Jamie Raskin wins the online August MD08 poll “Who do you think will win in MD08” with over 640 votes. A total of 1,487 votes were cast over the past week. See the full results:

MD08 August Poll Results

As the winner of this poll, Jamie Raskin gets his online links listed here in this post and gets 30 days of free promotion on the right side ad area of this blog.




What I learned from this poll:

Importance of the results: Probably very little. Online polls are obviously unscientific as there is no way to show what district voters live in or even if they are old enough to vote. Although unscientific, it is entertaining and maybe somewhat informative.

Online outreach: As the “blogger” reviewing the online outreach of candidates in various races, the one take away I look at in these polls is that this can be an indicator of the online outreach of a candidate, campaign and their followers. Obviously Raskin and Matthews may have an online outreach advantage based on the numbers…and I look forward to seeing if future social media scorecards show that trend going forward.

Hinky numbers over the last 24 hours: I like Poll Daddy because it is easy to use for those setting up an online poll and for those voting…but we all know there are ways to manipulate online polls. Watching the votes come in over the last 24 hours, I became concerned with numbers on the site and how they equated to the poll. I don’t believe it had any effect in the outcome but maybe inflated the numbers for the top 2 candidates a bit over the last day of voting…not sure I will be using Poll Daddy for my future polls.

I owe Jonathan a beer: Jonathan Shurberg is the author of Maryland Scramble and was a big key to the success of this poll. Hey wrote about it daily on his blog, encouraged his readers to vote and by far the most traffic to my site came from Maryland Scramble this week. So Jonathan, one of these days when we get together to talk local politics, the first beer is on me.

I expect September to be full of news about MD08 and all of the various Maryland races…so stay tuned for more information in the near future.

Scott E

Ben Carson Wins Montgomery County Straw Poll for GOP

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I am a little late in posting this because of some projects that have taken up much of my time over the past few days. The Montgomery County Republican Party conducted a presidential straw poll at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair and Ben Carson came out on top.

MCGOP Straw Poll 2015

Read the full statement from MCGOP here:

Another interesting stat for Ben Carson has to do with social media outreach. Ben Carson lead all GOP candidates with average number of retweets from June 1 – June 22 (I know this is a couple of months old but interesting to know – If I find a more current article I will post that in a future post). Retweets are an important indicator for outreach and engagement of followers on Twitter.

GOP retweets june 2015

You can read the full article about this indicator here:

Scott E



Poll – Which Democrat will win the Primary in MD08

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We are down to 246 days until the Primary and I thought I would find out who my readers (and others) think will win the nomination for the Democratic Party in Congressional District 8. The last poll I ran (MD04) received over 185 votes…wonder how many votes we will get over the next week in this race? Time will tell…

This poll will remain open until next Sunday morning (30th).

Here are a few resources to view as you make you decision:

Twitter Followers in MD08

Facebook Follower in MD08

Ballotpedia Information

Maryland Scramble articles on MD08



Good luck to all…let the voting begin.

Scott E


Early Facebook Look at Maryland’s 8th Congressional District election, 2016

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Most Facebook Followers in MD08

I wrote about the number of Twitter followers in MD08 back on July 7th (READ HERE) so I thought I would share the number of Facebook followers for each “Campaign” page. I always catch heck over this evaluation as candidates regularly tell me about the number of followers they have on their “personal” Facebook account. As I have no way to accurately track that information, I do not use it as part of my technology evaluations for campaigns.

Note – I have no tracking data yet so use this as a reference today and know more detailed tracking data will be coming in future posts about this race.


Facebook Followers

Official Campaign Facebook Page
Kumar Barve

Jamie Raskin

William Jawando

Kathleen Matthews

Valerie Ervin

Ana Sol-Gutierrez

David Anderson


Could not find a page

Notes – I was not able to find any online information for David Anderson. If anyone out there knows anything about his website or social media outreach let me know so I can get it added to future posts.

Liz Matory is running as an Independent in MD08. She currently has 257 Facebook followers ( which would put her near the bottom of this group. In future evaluations I will add Liz to the chart as an Independent candidate.

Now that I have written about Twitter and Facebook outreach…Look for the ScottE poll on this race coming later today.

Here is a good resource for information from Ballotpedia:’s_8th_Congressional_District_election,_2016

Another good resource for information on this race:

Maryland Scramble
Click to read info about the MD08 race

Scott E

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