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Howard County Hashtags for Government, Development and Politics

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Are you running for office, a local government agency or have development interests in Howard County? Well these are the hashtags for you. Again, this list was developed by HoCoBlogs and is a must read if this is the space you are writing about on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Facebook.

Government, Development & Infrastructure Twitter stream
#HoCoGov Howard County government
#HoCoCouncil Howard County Council
#HoCoZoning zoning-related news
#InnerArbor Inner Arbor / Symphony Woods
#TellHoCo Tell HoCo, See-Click-Fix for trees down, potholes to fix, etc.
Politics & Elections Twitter stream Other streams
#HoCoPolitics elections, politics, political commentary
#HCDist9A etc Howard County District 9A, etc.
#HoCoVotes Campaigns, elections, voting, referendums
Stay tuned … The HoCo League of Women Voters will be assembling a list of hashtags for candidates, districts, etc.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

“Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day and commemorates all men and women, who have died in military service for the United States. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day and it is traditionally seen as the start of the summer season.”

Scott E

Howard Tech Council Happy Hour Today

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Enjoy an evening of networking with the Howard County Tech Community. Ticket price includes 2 drinks and appetizers.

Tickets will be available for sale online until 3:00 pm on the day of the event.

Tickets purchased at the door are:

Members: $25
Non-Members: $35

Location: Union Jacks Columbia Maryland

Register here:

Note – I will be at the event this afternoon. The HTC events (based off of what I have seen on social media) are well attended and I am looking forward to attending my first HTC event. Hope to see many of you there today.

Scott E

Howard County Hashtags for Food, Drink, Farms and Restaurants

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Below is another great listing of local hashtags put together by HoCoBlogs. If you own, operate or manage social media for a local restaurant, bar, tavern, farm or brewery, this is a MUST know list of hashtags you should be using on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and yes even Facebook.

The use of local hashtags can expand your social media outreach to LOCAL followers…which is the point when trying to promote you business, product or blogging topic.

Food and Drink; Farms and Restaurants Twitter stream Other streams
#HoCoFood Primary tag for restaurant reviews and the local food scene
#HoCoFarms Farm news, CSAs, farmland issues
#HoCoBeer Beers on tap, tastings, brew pubs
#HoCoWine Half-price wine nights, deals, new offerings, festivals and local wine news
#HoCoRestaurantWeeks Howard County’s Restaurant Weeks’ events, news and restaurant reviews
Also consider … #HoCoLocavore, #HoCoSushi, #HoCoPizza, #HoCoCoffee etc.
Also visit …

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Hope you all have a wonderful start of your work week.

Scott E

Blog Has A New Name

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Photo on 4-30-15 at 4.56 PM

So yesterday I decided to give the Blog site a new name (Scott E’s Blog) and a new domain name ( Why…well with ScottE Software taking a new direction, I thought I would disconnect the blog (a little). Will the topics on this blog change? Heck no. I will continue to write about technology items (of interest to me and my readers), local sports, local politics and other local events.

That is all for today…parents still in town and we have a fun day in Annapolis planned.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Scott E

A Busy Week

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OK, I have slacked off in writing on the blog this week. Sorry about that but I have to say that I have been VERY busy attending various networking events and activities. Here is a recap of some of the events I have attended (Click the logo to learn about the event or organization).

Tuesday –  BNI Elkridge Tuesday Breakfast – Ellicott City


Great group of people and I look forward to learning more about the group and attending future meetings.

Tuesday – Long Reach High School Boosters Club Meeting

Long Reach High Logo

Wednesday – Columbia Tech Breakfast


Wonderful presentations – I just wish this happened more often than monthly.

Wednesday – Softball Playoffs – Long Reach High at Mount Hebron (Mount Hebron won 11 – 0).


Sad to see the LRHS Softball season end…but so proud of how well the girls played in the playoffs.

Wednesday – Wine and Chocolate Business Networking Event hosted by the Networking Advocate


This was so much fun…how can you beat a networking event with chocolate and wine.

Thursday – Parents in town to visit

OK, so no big events yesterday but the parents are in town visiting from Tennessee so I scaled activities back a bit.

I enjoyed all of the events and activities this week and look forward to another full week of events next week.

It is Friday and I have a few items to complete this morning then off to the weekend activities.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!!

Scott E

Howard County Hashtags for Arts, Events and Entertainment

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The use of local hashtags on platforms like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and yes even Facebook can be a great way to extend the local outreach of your social media posts. We are fortunate here in Howard County to have a great list of local hashtags categorized by HoCoBlogs. Here is a listing for local arts, events and entertainment posts.

Arts, Events and Entertainment Twitter stream Other streams
#HoCoEvents general tag for private, charity, gov & biz events
#HoCoArts galleries, shows, classes, reviews
#HoCoMusic performances, reviews, events, festivals
#HoCoMovies movie events at HCC, the library, the lakefront and more
#HoCoCrafts classes, blogs, tips, etc.
#HoCoWriters writers, workshops, poetry, readings and more
#HoCoReads book clubs, library events
Also consider … #HoCoJazz, #HoCoBands, #HoCoKaraoke, etc.

If you are not using local hashtags to promote your posts you may be missing out on local outreach opportunities. If you want more information be sure to reach out to ScottE Software for your social media needs.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.

Scott E

2014 Social Media Milestones

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There are some interesting facts in this infographic…

1) Mobile device use of social media is growing and your posts should be tailored to those devices.

2) If you company is not on LinkedIn…maybe it is time to think about adding it.

3) If you sale products and are not on Instagram, you might be missing out on potential outreach opportunities.

4) If only 53% of Google Plus users interact in a positive way with a brand, wonder what the other 47% are doing?

5) Nice to see so much love in the world (the heart emoji is the most popular word – how cute).

If you need help with enhancing your brand online, be sure to contact ScottE Software!

Have a great weekend.

Scott E