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Trump also adding the most new Twitter followers

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Donald Trump President

There is so much talk about Donald Trump and how he is doing in the polls. The reports I observed on TV last night have Trump second in Iowa and leading in New Hampshire. The national polls are mostly all going his way (See photo).

Click to view full sized image
Click to view full sized image

Now the information I was most interested in about this race…social media numbers. Specifically, adding new followers on Twitter. Now number of followers is only one indicator when looking at social media but I found it interesting how many more new Twitter followers Trump added last week vs the remainder of the field.

Trump Dominates On Twitter
note (numbers reported from Gary Forbes and tweeted from the Trump Twitter account)

Now these numbers are only one social media indicator but the Trump campaign has to be thrilled at all of the numbers favoring their campaign for President on the GOP side of the ticket. When we get a little further down the road, I will be writing about the social media trends in this race (to be honest I am waiting for a few of the GOP candidates to fall out of the race before I start my evaluations).

I personally have no favorite candidate today but thought this was interesting and on topic for this blog.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

Scott E


Howard County Hashtags for Business, Retail, Real Estate and the Economy

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Howard County Hashtags

I have been on a political kick with my blog posts recently and there are many more of those to come in the future but for today I thought I would post another useful HoCoHashtag post for my readers. This listing of hashtags (put together by HoCoBlogs) is especially useful to local businesses.

Business, Retail, Real Estate & the Economy Twitter stream
#HoCoBiz business news, Chamber happenings
#HoCoRealEstate residential and commercial real estate
#HoCoEconomy stats, numbers on the local economy
#HoCoStores stores opening and closing; new leases; new buildings
#HoCoHomes housing, houses for sale
#HoCoTech tech news
#HoCoJobs local jobs
#HoCoDeals Discounts, specials, sales events

Remember, the use of local hashtags can help expand your local outreach.

Scott E

Howard County Social Media
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MD04 Poll Results

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After a week of voting we have a winner of the first poll for the MD04 Democratic Primary “Who do you think will win?”…and the winner is: Warren Christopher.

Warren Christopher

Warren received just over 30% of the total votes (186 votes cast in this poll). Below are the final results for each candidate:

Click to view larger image
Click to view larger image

What I learned in this poll:

1. I think this may show some indication of digital outreach strength from the candidates and their followers. Given what I have seen online, I was not surprised to see Christopher, Pena-Melnyk, Ivey and Brown atop this poll. In my last online evaluation of this race, Brown and Christopher held the most Twitter followers while Pena-Melnyk and Ivey added the most new Twitter followers. Social media is not going to be “THE” deciding factor in this or any congressional race but it will have an impact on voter engagement and getting out the vote efforts for the campaigns. In an eight person race, every vote counts. Be sure your team is watching hashtags like (#md04, #mdpolitics) for updated information on social media.

2. Maryland Scramble has a significant following. I kind of already knew that but to see the amount of traffic that came from that website to the poll was impressive. I read that blog regularly and although I may not agree with Jonathan on some of his articles, it is a wonderful resource for information. Thanks Jonathan for sharing my information to your readers. I have added a link to your blog to my 2016 Scorecard page under good informational resources section.

3. Obviously this is pretty early in the campaign season and this poll is very unscientific given that there is no way to know where voters live…but for those that did well, congrats. For those candidates that did not, keep pushing forward with your digital outreach efforts as it will play a factor in this race for Congress.

What is coming up in August…more social media outreach reviews of MD04, MD08, the Maryland Senate race and I will begin looking at MD06 on the GOP side of that race. Should be some interesting new facts coming out so stay tuned.

Scott E

Poll – Which Democrat will win the Primary in MD04

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I know…we are still 275 days away from the Primary Elections (April 26, 2016) but there are a lot of candidates right now in this race and I am interested in who my readers “think” will win the Democrat nomination. As it stands right now, there appear to be 8 candidates to choose from in MD04. Vote and share with your followers…I will publish the results next weekend.

If you are looking for more information about the various candidates, check out the latest technology outreach review: Update to Twitter Outlook in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District election, 2016. Another good resource for information is from Maryland Scramble:



Good luck to all…let the voting begin.

Scott E


Poll – What is your favorite Social Media platform?

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Social Media Poll

Always looking for new things to write about, I thought I would try a series of weekly polls for my readers. Some of these will be technology, politics, local stuff and a variety of other blog related topics. The first one I wanted to try is to ask my readers “What is your favorite Social Media platform”? I know many people have preferences of one over another…so let’s see how this goes…

I will write about the results next weekend.

Scott E

Updated – 7/25/15

Poll Results – Twitter wins!!! OK, so it wasn’t a run away for Twitter but it did end up on top of all other social media platforms as the fan favorite.

Social Media Poll Results


Question on Fox 45 Baltimore

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I saw that Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger was going to be on Fox 45 this morning, so I thought I would send over a question via Twitter:

Fox 45 Twitter Question

I asked because of the Technology Outreach Scorecards I will be writing about that race this election cycle. I recently completed my initial look at the race (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) and was interested if the Congressman would be entering that race. Here was his answer:

Now we did not REALLY get an answer to the question. Is he really considering entering the race or just putting it out there for some other reason? Time will tell.

I wanted to say thanks to Tom Rodgers for asking the question and engaging with me on Twitter this morning. Fox 45 remains one of my favorites for morning news.

Scott E


Prime Day

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Amazon Prime Day

Today is Prime Day! What is Prime Day you ask, well “Today only, Amazon Prime members have exclusive access to more deals than Black Friday. Save on products from departments such as Electronics & Computers, Toys, Kids & Baby, Movies, Music & Video Games, Clothing, Jewelry & Watches, Home, Garden & Tools, Sports & Outdoors, and more. Try Prime today and get immediate access to deals.”

So how is it going for Amazon today? If you are watching the news or social media, not well. There are LOTS of complaints about the site having issues, not really great deals out there and the ones that are go QUICKLY!!! One would think with all of the hype over Prime Day that Amazon would have been a little more prepared that what they seem to be this morning. Who knows, maybe it will get better in the afternoon. I will monitor social media and various news outlets…if I see anything of interest, I will be sure to add that information in the comments of this post.

If you have shopped on the site today, let me know how it went for you. Personally I have nothing I “need” to buy today so I am just watching the comments from the sidelines.

I have enjoyed my morning at Whole Foods in Columbia. A great place to do some work and have some coffee.

Scott E